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At Milena Kitic's master class in Rome, Italy, 2014
Milena Kitic Vocal Studio was founded in 2011 and counts 50 students. It is primarily focused on the vocal technique and development of performance skills.

Milena Kitic is a member of:
Within a last decade, Milena Kitic has taught a number of master classes at various Universities and Music Schools such USC, UCI, Orange County High School of the Arts (OCHA), Cal State Northridge, Saddleback College, San Diego University, Center Stage Opera, and from 2007. - present has been teaching master classes on a regular basis at the CHAPMAN UNIVERSITY in Orange.

Since 2013. - present Ms. Kitic also regularly teaches Master classes at OC Ars Vocalis Academy in Rome, Italy - for exact dates check at
For more information about Milena Kitic's Vocal Studio, please send an email to:
Dr. Cheryl Lin Fielding
(Opera Chapman/Collaborative Pianist; University of Southern California, Doctor of Music in Performance)

"... It's been inspiring to see Milena at work, not just to hear how magnificent she sounds, but also seeing her dedication. Great artists work hard, no matter what stage they are in. Wish the students can see it ..."

Adriana Manfredi, mezzo-soprano

"... I have studied with Milena Kitic for close to 5 years. Her technique is impeccable, her attention to detail exacting, and her warmth is overflowing. Once out of school it is challenging to find the 'right fit' - someone you trust with your instrument for a lifetime of singing. Milena is that person for me. Mil gracias, maestra!"

Aleesha Yan, soprano

"... I came to Ms. Kitic at a time when I was particularly vulnerable. I previously struggled with making my voice do what countless teachers wanted to hear. Instead, Ms. Kitic is coaching me to understand and develop the talents of my natural voice. She has helped me embrace my organic sound, made me feel special, while supportively worked on fundamental concepts of classical voice singing. Within a few lessons, I am singing better than ever, and with much more freedom. My sound no longer feels constrained. LIBERATE…. RELAX…. RELEASE the voice from the fetters of placement, habit, bad posture, judgement, baggage….. these are all lessons that I have learned from Ms. Kitic. Her nurturing methods of teaching are also inspirational. I look forward to my lessons and feel like I am missing something any time I am unable to have a lesson. She motivates me and her encouragements propel me to work hard and achieve the next level. I wholeheartedly endorse Ms. Kitic’s vocal studio!!! ..."

Maria Lazarova, DMA
Director , Classical Voice Conservatory, Orange County School of the Arts

"... I have had the distinct please of taking private voice lessons with Ms. Kitic over the past few months and the impact she has had on me has been significant. Ms. Kitic is a meticulous technician and takes great amount of time and care to make sure the sound is produced just right. I have noticed a marked improvement in areas that I had ignored for many years. Ms. Kitic pays careful attention to details and she has a vast knowledge of the operatic repertoire. After having studied voice for over 20 years, completed three music degrees, and participated in countless performances, I was looking for an individual who can help me reach my full potential and help me get to the next level of my craft. I am quite happy to say that Ms. Kitic is beginning to help me do just that ..."

Robin Follman, soprano
(New York City Opera, Washington Opera, Houston Grand Opera, Los Angeles Opera, Michigan Opera Theater, Opera Lyra Ottawa, Baltimore Opera, Opera Pacific, Florentine Opera, Singapore Lyric Opera, Lyric Opera Malaysia, Hawaii Opera, and Opera Carolina, Indianapolis Opera, Utah Symphony & Opera, Manitoba Opera, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)

"... Milena Kitic is a true artist who is willing to share her professional insights with not only her colleagues but also aspiring young artists. She has a keen sense of what is a marketable sound but also a healthy approach to classical singing and technique. Milena is positive, thoughtful and purposeful in her teaching style; working with her is a joy and creatively inspiring ..."

Dr. Vivian I-Miao Liu
Adjunct faculty at Chapman University,
DMA in keyboard collaborative arts from University of Southern California,
Keyboardist with Los Angeles Opera's Education Program since 2006,
Principal pianist with National Children's Chorus

"... Kitic is an amazing voice teacher. She is able to pinpoint out the technic issues in every student as well as giving advises of interpretations. She herself is a super musical singer, the best demonstration to voice students. Her goal is to help each student to find their true voice on the stage in big theater. She has the power of transforming student-singers into professional singers ..."

Aumna Iqbal, mezzo-soprano
Master of Studies (Musicology/Voice) at University of Oxford, GBR

"... Milena is a wonderful and wonderfully supportive teacher. She goes above and beyond improving my technique, which of course has improved by leaps and bounds since I started studying with her. She brings all kinds of singing opportunities to my attention in addition to giving the kind of invaluable advice that comes from her experience as a working professional. I credit my winning competitions like NATS and POSA, as well as my success with companies like Center Stage Opera as much to Milena's generosity and dedication as to my own hard work. If I had one word to describe Milena it would be "generous" as she is always generous with her time, her support, and her passion with all of her students, and she really believes in her students as a teacher and as a mentor ..."

Madison Hatten, soprano
(California State University, Long Beach and OCAVA-in-Rome)

"... I have had the utmost privilege to work with Milena since January, 2013 in her private vocal studio. Milena understands the importance to develop the vocal technique with careful attention and persistent motivation; with these skills she continues to guide me, a young classical singer, to build a strong vocal foundation which I can build upon such a beautiful artistry. With the positive and truthful environment she provides through her feedback and guidance, I feel I can push myself and explore different vocal strategies to break through problematic passages and technique issues without thoughts of self-consciousness or doubt that can take a toll on one's confidence in their abilities. Because of Milena's keen musical ear and understanding of this art form in all its facets, I always leave each lesson with a new goal to work towards but always with a smile on my face from my renewed joy for classical singing. ..."

Brook de Rosa, soprano
(a graduate of Washington and Lee University)

"... Milena is the best coach I have worked with. She's tough but very encouraging and I along with others noticed an improvement almost immediately. Since coaching with Milena I have started working in Opera, performing in a new opera, Aesopera at the Pasadena Playhouse, and in Suor Angelica with Center Stage Opera. She has worked tirelessly with me to get ready for upcoming auditions and competitions and her technique is flawless and works for a wide range of voice types ..."

Christine Suits, soprano
(a graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance)

"... Best!!! Studying with Milena is a true gift and special opportunity. Learning from such a gifted and experienced singer who really knows the lifestyle, demands, and expectations of having a high profile operatic career is an invaluable experience. Her teachings and intimate understandings on proper vocal technique continue to greatly surpass my expectations of what I thought I could get out of any teacher. She has been instrumental in helping me break old habits build confidence, and to really create a freedom with flexibility in my voice and character. Having Milena as my support in the opera world has seriously boosted my confidence and greatly shifted my ability to audition and feel professional, grounded, and prepared ..."

Tanja Radic, soprano
(OCHA and Chapman University)

"... My name is Tanja Radic, I’m 17 years old, and I’ve been studying with Milena Kitic for almost a year. I can say, as a developing musician and artist, that working with her has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Her personality is wonderful, she’s very warm and nurturing, however she knows when to be firm with her students, and treats us like adults and professionals. She has helped me grow and progress in ways that I never would have been able to without her guidance. Although she’s helped me cultivate my technique as a vocalist, (I have improved more over the past few months of study with her than I have in all the previous years combined) she emphasizes musicality and expression above else, which is something no other teacher has taught me. I study at a performing arts high school, and before studying with Milena, I was not accepted into the highest level classes, and I didn’t get cast in the opera. However, since studying with her, I’ve caught up and even surpassed the rest of my classmates: I was cast as a principle role in this year’s Opera, Hansel and Gretel, I’m in all the top choirs and classes, and I was accepted into the premier performance ensemble of my school, the Bel Canto Singers, which features just 10 singers selected from a pool of over 300. Without Milena’s guidance I would not have the confidence or skill level necessary to be at this level. And, considering that college auditions are coming up, I’m eternally grateful to her because I know that I will be more prepared for college than many of my peers because of the amazing experience I’ve had insofar with Milena. It’s been a wonderful few months and I highly recommend her for any student interested in growing as a performer, artist, and musician ..."

Sandra Jurca (on behalf of her daughter, Rachel Jurca, soprano)
HR Data Coordinator, Human Resources, Chapman University

"... A tremendous improvement! My daughter, Rachel, just recently began studying with Milena; however, in a short time her improvement has been remarkable. Milena has inspired Rachel to reach deep within and find a way to express her artistry through her voice. Milena has also emphasized how important proper technique is to be able to sustain and preserve the vocal instrument. Many of the poor habits that Rachel had developed have begun to subside, and the quality of her tone is more beautiful than it has ever been. Milena is a genius and we are honored that Rachel is working with her ..."

Hannah Engelhardt, soprano
SOCSA and Chapman University

"... I won a private lesson with Milena Kitic from silent auction at my high school's annual "Opera Night" that she attended and performed in as a special guest and have been taking private lessons with her ever since. I have learned more from Milena in one lesson than I have from my last vocal teacher who I trained with for four years. She is very encouraging, yet still very diligent and thorough and is very clear and succinct getting her point across. She will make you work to grow with your voice, but she is extremely understanding and always compassionate with her students. Even more, she is an outstanding singer herself and an incredibly inspiring example to follow ..."

Brittany Danielle Bethurum, mezzo-soprano
(a graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance)

"... Milena Kitic has been vastly influential in my vocal and stage development. She is dedicated to excellence and expects nothing less from her students. She is also very openminded and really knows how to address certain vocal issues with her students without intimidating them but rather inspiring them to conquer their goals. Not only is Milena Kitic a phenomenal artist, but a wonderful teacher without whom I would not be the person I am today ..."

Rachel Koons, soprano
(a graduate of Chapman University with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance)

"... Working with Milena has affected my life positively in several dynamic ways. Her confidence and conviction provides a role model for me, a role model of the kind of woman I want to be and can be through self-determination and self-possession. This kind of poise is integral to becoming successful singer. Milena has also shown me how it is ultimately my job to teach myself how to sing – she can give me tools and constructive feedback, but it is my responsibility to take these ideas home and work them into my own instrument. This keeps me curious to discover how much progress I can make for myself over time. In the eight months I have worked with Milena, I have made equal to the three years of progress I had with my previous teacher. It is amazing what can happen during an hour-long lesson with Ms. Kitic. In addition to confidence and responsibility, Milena has taught me the importance of making music. Music is what happens between the notes – singing out to the end of the house even after you finish the tone is what really separates a good singer from an excellent singer. I had never thought about sending the energy out at all times, but Milena has shown me how beautiful and powerful this concept is: it captivates and moves the audience inwardly. This arousal of emotion: this is the reason we sing, the reason we perform - this is the power of music. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Milena’s direction and mentorship – she has been the single most significant person to my development of voice and self, and for that I express my deepest gratitude and affection ..."

Venicia Rasmussen - soprano
(Karlsruhe Music Conservatory in Opera)

"... I have had the great joy and honor to study under Milena Kitic since 2006. Her grace and intellect to communicate the wisdom and importance of classical singing, is a talent within itself. Milena connects with every student individually and nurtures every living, colorful being that steps in her voice studio. I am grateful to have a teacher who comprehends my passion to learn Opera, while challenging my abilities.

Studying with Milena has strongly enriched my vocal technique and knowledge for the singing instrument: la voce. In our lessons, we do not solely focus on mastering the musical nuances and phrasing, the pronunciation and phonation, or the interpretation of the role. Moreover, Milena embodies one's voice and natural ability to express the music with our entire instrument: the face (maschera), the breathing diaphragm/body, the color and expression, and the production of the voice. It is truly unique to find a teacher who encourages the singer to recreate the music in a personal, authentic way.

Milena is clearly a brilliant, successful artist onstage, and offstage. She has proven to obtain success as a talented teacher and mentor among young and new singers. Her voice technique is like a Roman structure that can never be destroyed. I have innately learned the confidence and stability when it comes to agility, strength and health of the voice. While singing daily Milena's warm-up exercises, I sense right away the connection to my breath and body, the focus and clarity of my voice, forming legato, and the production of tone quality and resonance. Since 2009 I have been studying Opera in Germany. In 2012 I will receive a Degree from Karlsruhe Music Conservatory in Opera, Lied, Oratorium, and Teaching. At the moment I am singing the main role of the (Cat) in the children's Opera: Der Gestiefelte Karter (Puss in Boots). New Years eve 2013 I will be singing a Baroque program in the Neunburger Castle with Organist and Trumpet. In 2010 I performed the role Amor in Orpheus and Eurydice, in 2011 the role from Taumann and Sandmann in Haensel und Gretel. Since 2010 I have sung in the Karlsruhe Opera Theater, in the ensemble. Since 2012 I have been a scholar of the organization Live Music Now, performing with a Baroque trio in classical venues. I am also a winner of the DAAD scholarship for foreign music students.

It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Milena without reservation ..."